lördag 23 mars 2013

Graphics Update! [23/03-2013]

Wow, a little bit more then a month have passed since last update aaaaaaand a lot have happend! But the main thing I really want to show is *drum roll* NEW GRAPHICS! Well, maybe not completely neeeew, but the overall style have been changed. To show this, I re-made the main character. Take a look. I know you want. JUST DO IT.

I'll try to update as much as possible to keep this project up to date. But right now, gotta work! 

fredag 15 februari 2013

Tiles [Teaser]

This is a little teaser I want to share, regarding a early version of the games tiles. I kinda like the way it looks right now, but as I said, it's a early version of it.

First Update 15/02 - 2013

First update in this new and fresh blog. Here, you can follow the progress of a new, one-man-team indie game called "Circuit". Now, I don't want to give out way too much information about this game, but this first update will contain some progress of the graphics and animations of the main character.

Until next time, RZZZZZZZZZZZZZZB-T.